About Us

Our Company

Showbag City is bringing a bit of the show to your home, fast! 

Our range of Showbags include leading brands and quality product that is sourced locally and internationally by our dedicated buying team. Our ranges have been trialled and tested by our biggest little critics ensuring they are safe and of course, FUN!

We take great pride in our product and value offerings. We are also conscious of reducing single use plastic. All our new Confectionery Bags are made of biodegradable materials and the inks are vegetable (corn) based. 100% suitable for recycling.

Our novelty bags are made with durable materials making them suitable for the beach, food shopping, picnics or as every-day carry bags. 

Thank you for shopping with us and supporting a WA Owned & Operated family business.



Need a Showbag Van for your next event?

We have completely fitted out Showbag vans ready for your event.

Our vans are 10 metres long and require a small truck to tow them into position.

Please see here for further information.